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  • 2023-03

    Listing on the New Third Board
  • 2022-09

    Approved to jointly build the first batch of provincial and ministerial level innovation bases of the Chinese Geological Society - "Non ferrous Metal Mine Ecological Restoration Technology Innovation Base"
  • 2022-09

    Obtained the first international invention patent PCT (Australia)
  • 2022-08

    Won the second prize of the Science and Technology Award of the China Simulation Society for Innovative Technology
  • 2022-08

    Selected in the "Catalogue of Advanced and Applicable Technologies for Mineral Resource Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization" by the Ministry of Natural Resources (2022 Edition)
  • 2021-07

    Approved to jointly establish the "Key Laboratory for Mine Ecological Effects and System Restoration of the Ministry of Natural Resources"
  • 2020-12

    Selection of "loam like soil" substrate technology in the national "Green Technology Promotion Catalogue (2020)"
  • 2020-09

    The first national comprehensive management project of "mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grasslands, and sand"
  • 2019-12

    The company participated in the national mine ecological restoration new mechanism and new technology exchange and promotion meeting, and made a "loam-like soil" technology exchange report
  • 2019-10

    Obtained the qualification of environmental protection engineering professional contracting grade II and ancient architecture engineering
  • 2019-02

    People's Daily recognizes the company's participation in the "Yangling Village" project with technology
  • 2018-12

    Implementation of the "T/CAGHP050-2018 Geological Hazard Biological Control Engineering Design Specification" participated in the compilation
  • 2018-11

    The first EPC project: Shandong Liang Shan County Anminshan limestone mine rehabilitation project (design and construction)
  • 2018-06

    Successful research and governance of the first sand to grassland project
  • 2018-02

    Jointly establish the Ecological and Environmental Green Governance Research Center with the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council's Non ferrous Geological Survey Center
  • 2017-06

    The company's first PPP project: Ningxia Jingyuan County, Yangling special industry demonstration village construction PPP project in Dawan Township
  • 2017-03

    Obtained Grade A qualification certificate of geological disaster management engineering design
  • 2016-06

    The company was awarded as Suzhou service industry innovation model enterprise
  • 2016-04

    Participated in the development of national standards - Technical standards and technical solutions for mine geological environmental protection and restoration management
  • 2016-01

    Approved Suzhou Engineering Technology Research Center
  • 2015-08

    Stock code is:833544(Green Rock Ecology)
  • 2015-07

    Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise
  • 2015-06

    Share reform to Jiangsu Lvyan Ecological Technology Co., Ltd
  • 2014-08

    The company was promoted to the director unit of China Geological Disaster Prevention and Control Engineering Industry Association
  • 2013-12

    Establishing the first industry university research and application cooperation base with Jilin University
  • 2013-11

    Honorary certificate of private science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province
  • 2013-07

    Obtained the first invention patent "A method of mining environmental governance"
  • 2013-05

    Establishing the first graduate workstation
  • 2012-03

    Obtained Grade A in Construction and Design of Geological Disaster Management Engineering
  • 2011-08

    Obtain the qualification certificate of urban landscaping level II and water conservancy, municipalities, etc.
  • 2011-07

    Quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system certification
  • 2009-05

    Overcoming regional differences, we have successfully applied mining geological environment restoration technology in more than a dozen provinces, including Shanxi, Hebei and Yunnan, respectively
  • 2005-10

    CCTV-10 "Light of Science and Technology" reports on the newly closed mine geological environment and ecological comprehensive management project in Shunke Shanqin, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province
  • 2004-04

    The first mining environmental treatment project, Shandong Zibo Baoshan Road South Section Slope Improvement and Greening Project
  • 2003-07

    Zhangjiagang Green Rock Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. Established

Jiangsu LVYAN Ecological Technology Co., LTD.

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