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Water Environment Management and Soil and Water Conservation


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Water Environment Management and Soil and Water Conservation

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Polluted Water Treatment and Soil and Water Conservation

       Compared with the traditional river restoration technology, the technical method used can completely replace the cement, stone and other hard bank protection, significantly reducing the project cost and increasing the landscape effect and river "breathing" function. After construction, the slope surface of the river is covered by vegetation, which has a strong protective and stabilizing effect, and can achieve the effect of greening to absorb (intercept) pollution, soil and water conservation, forming a natural ecological landscape.


Black smelly river treatment patent technology

Ecological bank greening patent technology

Ecological wetland creation patent technology


Scientific Research Results


Ecological shoreline:Slope stability, 100% coverage of aquatic vegetation, 1-3m deep interception of root system to cut sewage and create waterfront landscape.

Plant mat retaining wall:Fouling-absorbing plants in the mat are rooted underwater 1-3m, the foot of the slope is stable, the pendant force acts steadily and actively absorbs fouling. The shore slope and underwater landscape have aquatic animal habitat area.

Benthic plant mats:Enrich indigenous aquatic pollution-absorbing plants to create a benthic home and incidentally generate a landscape.

Landscape Creation:Available plant mat, plant blanket frame set.


Design Principles




Technical measures


Ecological shoreline

Patented technologies such as plant mats and plant blankets

Soil substrate conditioning

Plant root mechanics effect

Rapid spraying substrate technology

Foot of slope ecological retaining wall

Control of exogenous pollution

Initial stormwater pollutant in-situ reduction technology

Active dirt absorption system

Construction of waterfront buffer zone

Construction of ecological cultured area


Water Quality Improvement

Black smelly river treatment patent method

Biological self-purification of water bodies to enhance water quality improvement technology

Ecological culmination zone, ecological wetland

Artificial floating island technology

Construction of water-land transition zone, shallow water and deep water ecological subsystem




Ecological wetlands



Artificial wetlands are widely used as a new water treatment process in many countries. Plant mats and plant blankets filled with substrate are used in artificial wetlands to absorb and reduce pollutants and to purify water with aquatic plants.

Surface type artificial wetland

Using the wetland soil void rate to determine the amount of water and hydraulic retention time.

Submerged Artificial Wetland

Control the planting depth and use plant filter beds to remove eutrophication and harmful substances.

Three-dimensional artificial wetland

Ecological shoreline greening in three dimensions to form a wetland ecosystem for rainwater and sewage interception and soil and water conservation.

Path-type plant mat wetland

Absorbing pollution and heavy metals, reducing land occupation.




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