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Atmospheric haze improvement


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Atmospheric haze improvement

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Stereoscopic greening and pollution absorption technology

Using the ecological effect of three-dimensional diversified green vegetation to space, the scope of landscape design rises to ecological design, bringing gardening green plants from the ground to the floor, roof and wall (including overpasses, building walls, slopes, roofs, balconies) to improve the green vision rate and green coverage of the city. Compared with other greening, three-dimensional greening can play the role of windproof and dust absorption, noise reduction, air purification and solar radiation reduction.

Urban ecological barrier technology

In the prevention and control of haze, road green space plays the role of an ecological corridor in addition to the general function of green space. We cultivate and plant pollution-absorbing and dust-stagnant plants, and use spray-seeding substrate technology to quickly form plant communities. Roads and their green areas are distributed in a belt-like pattern in the city, which can import fresh air from outside the city into the city, accelerate air circulation, reduce haze deposition, absorb vehicle exhaust, purify surrounding air and produce carbon sinks.

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