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School-Enterprise Cooperation


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School-Enterprise Cooperation

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The company attaches importance to the cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes, and has carried out a series of scientific research projects with the partner universities, which have been gradually put into use in actual projects. University-enterprise cooperation helps both parties to combine theory and practice in the field of environmental management.

The company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Jilin University, Chengdu University of Technology, Yangzhou University and Suzhou University of Science and Technology, and set up a postgraduate workstation and an "industry-university-research-application" cooperation base in Jiangsu Province.


1、Jilin University - Geological and Environmental Restoration Field


On December 13, 2013, the signing ceremony of the cooperation between School of Construction Engineering of Jilin University and Jiangsu Luyan Ecological Technology Co. Jilin University is the largest institution of higher education in China, with 20 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 3 chief scientists of the national "973" project, 29 selected by the Ministry of Education "Yangtze River Scholar and Innovation Team Program". The company has undertaken a large number of national and provincial projects with good industrialization prospect and high technology content. Cooperation with Jilin University is conducive to the company's better integration of practical technology and theory, accelerating the pace of innovation and promoting the development of enterprise technology.




2、Yangzhou University - Water Environmental Management Field


In September 2014, the postgraduate workstation in Jiangsu Province, which was declared by Green Rock Ecology and the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Yangzhou University in cooperation, was successfully awarded. Ideas and initiatives to deepen the construction of postgraduate workstations.


(1) Increase the introduction of scientific research talents to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in science and technology

With the continuous expansion of the company's scale, it needs to widely absorb high-quality scientific research talents and resources, and the innovative multi-channel and multi-channel school-enterprise cooperation mode is an important development strategy to enhance the level of enterprise science and technology.


(2) Introduce advanced technology concepts to promote the optimization of industry-university research

Combining the needs of domestic economic development and the professional advantages of our company, we cultivate practical talents who are both proficient in business and familiar with technology for the society.


(3) Innovative school-enterprise cooperation model to cultivate internationalized and highly skilled talents

With the postgraduate workstation as a platform, we carry out the school-enterprise cooperation mode to integrate advanced technical means and theories into the actual work of enterprises; improve the technical level and ability of enterprise personnel, and cultivate highly skilled talents with internationalization.




3、Chengdu University of Technology - Soil pollution management field


In July 2016, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the College of Environment and Civil Engineering of Chengdu University of Technology to promote all-round, wide-field, deep-level and high-level strategic cooperation in technology exchange, talent cultivation, scientific research services and information interchange to achieve win-win development. Chengdu Polytechnic University has the State Key Laboratory of Geological Disaster Prevention and Geological Environmental Protection, and the two sides will form a joint research group to study research topics with prospective and application value, and actively promote the exchange of talents.




4、Suzhou University of Science and Technology - Water Environmental Management Field


In July 2016, the postgraduate workstation in Jiangsu Province, jointly established by the company and the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Soochow University of Science and Technology, was approved. Suzhou University of Science and Technology has Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory of Environmental Science and Engineering and Suzhou Institute of Science and Technology Comprehensive Training Center of Environmental and Municipal Engineering.

The two sides will closely focus on theoretical and practical research on urban eco-hydrological mechanism in urban water ecological civilization, mainly carrying out research on the following five aspects, such as urban green space water and soil connotation mechanism and function, permeable pavement impact load resistance, ecological slow filtration system purification landscape water quality effect, landscape wetland ecological architecture, ecological barge to improve river water quality.

(1) Research on the mechanism and function of urban green space water and soil connotation (depressed green space and soil).

(2) Research on impact load resistance of permeable pavement.

(3) Research on the effect of ecological slow filtration system to purify water quality in the landscape.

(4) Research on ecological architecture of landscape wetlands.

(5) Ecological barge to improve the water quality of the river.

Form key technologies with independent intellectual property rights and promote them in Suzhou and nationwide to lay down major theories and key technologies for the overall improvement of sponge city construction in China.




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