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Intellectual Property

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  • Time of issue:2018-12-22 00:00:00
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Intellectual Property in the Environmental Management Industry


01. Earthquake Management and Environmental Restoration

(mines, highways and railroads road slopes, embankment slopes, slag dumps, gangue mountains, etc. involving landslides, collapses, debris flows, etc.)


02. Water Environment Restoration

(ecological river and ecological shoreline, domestic water purification and landscape creation, planar and three-dimensional wetlands)


03. Soil and Groundwater Contamination Remediation

(mines, sites, wetlands)


04. Desert Gobi Revegetation

(Desert, Gobi)


05. Saline Land Restoration

(Heavy metals, saline soil pollution control)


06. Atmospheric haze improvement

(Urban ecological isolation zone)


07. Camouflage and bionic technology

(Military camouflage)


08. Traditional industries such as landscaping, water conservancy, river and lake improvement, municipalities, etc.

(New proprietary technology that balances environmental, landscape and social benefits)




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