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Leaders of the Ministry of Land and Resources inspected the site of Qinxin Former CPPCC Standing Committee member Chen Bangzhu inspected Qinxin Dangou
The national geological environment management and mine re-greening action site will be held in Jining, Shandong Province, the meeting site by the company's construction The State Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Land, the provincial land and other departments and the German Federal Ministry of Geosciences and Natural Resources Dr. Axel and his party, visited Qinxin Dangou
2014.4.22 "4.22 World Environment Day" was successfully held in Wuxi under the guidance of Ministry of Land, Science and Technology and Department of Land and Environment, sponsored by the Association of Land Hazard Prevention and Control, and organized by the company. December 2014 China Mine Geological Environmental Protection and Restoration Management Technology Exchange Conference (4th) in Zunyi
General Manager Zhang Bo was the keynote speaker CCTV-light of science and technology program team on-site interview Qinxin
General Manager Zhang Bo (second from left) reports on the Wuxi Qinxin Dangkou Restoration Project at the venue of the National Mine Geological Environment Management Achievement Report Meeting 11th Annual Global Mine Closure Forum 2016 in Perth, Australia



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