CCTV Yinchuan, May 7 (Reporter Lian Jun Peng Zhao) July 18-20, 2016, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary, President, Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping in Ningxia inspection stressed that by 2020 to build a well-off society, no region, no ethnic group can be left behind. 18 afternoon, Xi Jinping in Goodyear City in the rain to inspect the work of poverty alleviation in two villages. In the village of Yangling, Dawan Township, Jinyuan County, he inspected the appearance of the village, to the Hui poor households Ma Ke, Mark Jun home to learn more about the development and implementation of poverty alleviation measures. From housing, facilities, cowshed to employment, income, schooling, medical care, public services, Xi Jinping inspected one by one, concerned about the inquiry.

  Jing Yuan County, Yangling Village, Dawan Township is located in the middle of Jing Yuan County and Gu Yuan city, this small mountain village surrounded by mountains on three sides of the traffic is now well-connected, fast tourist lines and highways can be reached.

  Four years after the reporter revisited Yangling Village, can use "great change" to describe the changes in the village. Modern cattle breeding workshop, clean farmhouse Yangling small courtyard, magnificent farmers villa, chic recreation center are stunning to the reporter. The whole village is busy with construction, the leisure resort center resumes, the sightseeing pavilion on the hilltop is also laying the foundation, and some farming families are renovating their new houses.

  The reporter first came to Mark Jun's house by the village square, where the family was busy renovating the old house on the left side of the upper room.


Old horse in his teahouse to reporters count the past (CCTV reporter Peng Zhao photo)

  Mark Jun greeted the reporter into his home "old horse teahouse". Speaking of this "old horse teahouse", Mark Jun also has a story to tell: "In 2018, the county village organizations and the elderly to Fujian, Gansu, Shaanxi and Ningxia within the development of good village visits, which touched us a lot. I went to Xiamen to see the changes in people deeply inspired, came back to their own cowshed converted into a teahouse, often people visit the door, drink tea, chat. The small teahouse last year brought me tens of thousands of yuan of income, so I both earned money, but also to exchange and learn a lot of new ideas, new knowledge. I now have the family's three Angus foundation cows trust to the breeding park, each cow can be a dividend of $ 1,000 per year, plus the teahouse and aunt short work to earn money, the old couple a year income of more than 20,000 yuan."

Back then, General Secretary Xi sat on the bed of the old horse's house and talked with the villagers (CCTV reporter Lian Jun photo)

  In the main house of Lao Ma's family, a large photo hanging on the wall of the big bed frames the moment when the general secretary talked with Mark Jun on his knees. Mark Jun proudly said, "On July 18, 2016, General Secretary Xi came to visit Yangling Village. In my cowshed, the General Secretary asked in detail about the breed of cattle and income, and said that he had raised cattle in northern Shaanxi, so he sounded like an insider. He also sat on the bed of my house and talked with the representatives of the villagers for more than 40 minutes. He also asked my age and called me an old brother. The general secretary called me an ordinary farmer a brother, which I will never forget."

Yangling Village Village History Museum (CCTV reporter Peng Zhao)


Mark Jun also led the reporter to the village history museum, saying that to understand the great changes in Yangling Village, we must first look at the village history museum. At the front of the village history museum is a large photo of General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Yangling Village, going inside, a picture, an object, about the great changes in this small mountain village.

  Mark Jun, who is also the administrator and interpreter of the village history museum, told the reporter: "The General Secretary told everyone in Yangling Village that a good life is obtained through hard work. The development of industry is the fundamental strategy to achieve poverty eradication. We need to adapt to local conditions and take the cultivation of industry as the fundamental way to promote poverty eradication. The General Secretary's mandate has brought about a sea change in our Yangling village."

  Talking about the great changes in the village, Lao Ma has deep feelings: "Our village has a new look, dirty and disorderly into clean and tidy, drinking tap water, cattle breeding centralized trust, centralized land transfer, the villagers can go out to work, but also can work nearby. In the past, children's schooling has always been a difficult task, but now schooling has become a beautiful thing, and the village elementary school and kindergarten are no different from the county elementary school in terms of soft and hard conditions. There are more than 100 children in our school, and Yangling Primary School used to be at the bottom of the list, but now it is in the front. The spirit of the people also changed greatly, in the past the village came to the cadres above, the villagers are surrounded by subsidies, money and benefits, but now all talk about how to get rich."

The new home of the villagers (CCTV reporter Lian Jun photo)

  Not far from the old horse's home, the villagers Ma Meihua family has started a farm caravan. The reporter saw in this small courtyard, there are restaurants, kitchens, accommodation, house facilities and urban restaurants, hotels have no difference, but here more "local flavor". Ma Meihua said, these rooms are the government to subsidize the renovation of dilapidated houses, and now more and more tourists to the village tourism, set up a farm carnival. "Last year earned more than 20,000 yuan, plus the boss in the cattle farm work, the family's annual income can reach 40,000 to 50,000 (yuan) miles. This is not even thought of before." Not only the changes in their own home, Ma Meihua also said, "the village in these years the road is well built, the house is also well built, the villagers are more active to get rich, but also have more way."

Wellness Center (CCTV reporter Peng Zhao)

  Zhang Gujie, secretary of the party branch of Yangling Village, took the reporter up to the top of the hill behind the village, from where he had a panoramic view of the whole village and a sightseeing pavilion was under construction. The reporter saw that in the northwest corner of the village, a newly built recreation center building was rising up and about to be put into use. Rows of new houses with blue tiles and white walls, neatly arranged, stood at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by a high-grade highway.

A full view of Yangling Village today (Photo by Peng Zhaoge, CCTV)

  Zhang Gujie pointed to the panoramic view of the village at the bottom of the hill and said with emotion that the General Secretary's visit to Yangling had inspired the determination of this small mountain village to "get rid of poverty", and in recent years, with the support of the county's overall policy, Yangling Village has implemented infrastructure construction such as water, electricity, road networks, residential renovation and tourism support, hardened five village roads of 10 kilometers, renovated 126 dangerous houses, and connected every household to running water. In 2016, there were 87 poor households and 295 people in the village, but by the end of last year, all the households in the village had been lifted out of poverty, and the per capita annual income increased from more than 6,000 yuan in 2016 to 10,000 yuan at the end of last year. The annual per capita income increased from more than 6,000 yuan in 2016 to more than 10,300 yuan at the end of last year, which is at the forefront in the county.

The village resort tourism project under construction (CCTV reporter Lian Jun photo)

  Zhang Gujie also said that in recent years, more and more enterprises "beach" Yangling, there are Xinjiang Tianshan pastoral industry, China Building Materials, Jiangsu Green Rock Company, etc., with capital and technology, in Yangling began to build breeding, rural tourism and recreation projects. More than 30 kilometers of tourism avenue was built, north of the Guyuan Qing Shi high-speed, south of the Liupan Mountain, with the tourism ring road to Yangling, you can walk to visit or self-drive tour.

Farm (CCTV reporter Peng Zhao photo)


Zhang Gujie said that he can now reassure the general secretary that Yangling Village has not only escaped from poverty as a whole, but also stepped onto the road to prosperity. "The current development of Yangling Village is just the first step of a new long march. Next we will dovetail with the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, implement the transformation of the living environment, and put more effort into the development of grass and livestock, seedlings, Chinese bees, labor and other industries, so that the development of Yangling Village can reach a new level again."

  Yangling Village's dramatic changes, just a microcosm of the fight against poverty in the southern mountains of Ningxia. In recent years, grass and livestock, seedlings, tourism, labor and other industries to combat poverty have become the main force of industrial poverty alleviation, nine national poverty-stricken counties have been eight caps, the remaining one county will be hung to supervise the battle, the end of this year to eliminate poverty pin, Ningxia will win the battle against poverty with excellent quality.



Reprinted from: CCTV